The Diabolo (a.k.a. The Diablo and Chinese Yo-yo)

The Diabolo is the yo-yo unleashed!  Also known as the “Chinese Yo-yo”, this fun and challenging toy is like a gyroscope.  When you get it spinning quickly on the string you can perform a plethora of cool tricks!

Don’t get me wrong, the Diabolo is a challenging skill toy.  It requires you to do two completely different tasks with each hand to keep the “toss” spinning.  This is so the toss can maintain balance when you perform tricks.  When starting out you must first learn to control the toss to keep it spinning.  Then you can throw it into the air and catch it as well as integrate many of the same tricks performed with a traditional yo-yo.  The main difference here is the Diabolo is the yo-yo unleashed! Since the toss is not connected to the string you can vastly increase the number of tricks able to be performed.

Each Diabolo comes with an illustrated instruction booklet to help learn such tricks as the toss, the bounce, over the foot and the elevator.  Once you have the hang of it there are a seemingly endless number of other tricks which can be performed over time.  This is truly a never-ending challenge!

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