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At Jolly Lama Creations, LLC we strive to manufacture the highest quality skill toys at the lowest prices possible so we can deliver the best value to our customers.  We purchase our inputs from US-based suppliers whenever available even if it costs a little more and we only use the highest quality parts and materials in order to build long-lasting products that create memories and enjoyment for a lifetime.

We began making juggling sticks (a.k.a. devil sticks or flower sticks) in 1999 and sought to make a set that could perform all tricks possible.  Now, we manufacture not only the widest variety and highest quality juggling sticks, but also a range of poi spinning products, diabolos, Knuck Chuxx an instructional DVD and accessories.  We also carry fun, interactive toys and games from other manufacturers all with the same principles in mind: High quality, low prices, fast shipping and great customer service.

We hope you’ve arrived at our site in search for a great set of juggling sticks and will continue to return to check out all the many other unique offerings we provide as well.  Should you have any questions feel free to email us any time or call (888) 676-5262 at your convenience.

Many thanks for stopping by and remember we take manufacturing very seriously, but that doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously!