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“We take care, not advantage, of our customers.”
– Mike Adams – Owner, CEO

JollyLama Creations has been online since 1999. Our goal from the start was to develop juggling sticks that could perform all tricks possible. We now manufacture Majestix juggling devil sticks as well as Jolly Jrs beginner juggling flower sticks, LED Sock Poi, Flag Poi, Diabolos as well as many other skill toys and are very proud of the level of quality we have achieved.

The Company Karma Statement of Jolly Lama Creations is to inspire fun and creativity with toys which enhance hand-eye-coordination, engage physical interactivity and boost confidence through achievement. The greatest priority is given to satisfying the families and organizations we serve through accurate and secure transactions one at a time.

At we believe trust is not just a sales pitch, it’s a promise. That’s why we never sell, trade, give away or share any of your information with any third party ever. You will only receive catalogs, promos or emails from us if you choose to and even then, you will not receive more than 12 emails per year, 4 promos per year or 1 catalog per year always with great deals.

We believe in the old way of doing business;making and keeping attainable promises, a firm hand shake, a friendly smile and looking directly in our customers eyes. And that is why we continue to offer…

– Fast, low-cost shipping through multiple carriers to anywhere in the world;
– Discount prices for bulk orders;
– A 30-day, money back guarantee with shipping cost reimbursement if necessary;
– An 888# that operates 24/7 with real humans answering the phone;
– High quality products at low prices for your greatest value.

It all just makes sense. It’s the Jolly Lama way!

Social Mission: Jolly Lama Creations’ primary aim is to enhance the quality of life of the families and organizations it serves followed closely by its secondary aim to earn financial surpluses.

Environmental Mission: Jolly Lama Creations holds a sense of duty toward reducing waste in its manufacturing process, recycling all portions of its inputs and input byproducts, and utilizing renewable energy in its manufacturing processes.

Commercial Address:
138 Stimpson (Hwy US-31 N.)
Pellston, MI 49769

Billing Address:

Jolly Lama Creations, LLC

P.O. Box 252

Pellston, MI 49769-0252

Customer Service Line:

(888) 676-5262

Available daily 9am to 9pm EST


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