Frisbees and Flying Discs
The Flashflight light up flying disc is the new standard of LED frisbees.  The centrally located LED console and fiber-optic cables to extend the light throughout the entire disc.  This makes the Flashflight light up bright and fly great.  Since it was such a great design, the team at Nite Ize also developed the Flashflight Jr and the Dog Discuit!

What many don’t know is what the game of tossing a flying disc teaches us about the laws of physics and gravity.  When a saucer-shaped disc is put into rotation it creates “lift”.  Lift occurs when the air passing below the disc moves faster than the air above it.  This makes the air pressure above the disc lower.  The lower air pressure allows the disc to travel farther horizontally than other objects without needing to travel faster.

Getting the hang of throwing a flying disc can be tricky so the Flashflight Jr is made for those with smaller hands.  It is also made of a softer, gummier material which is easier to catch and throw than hard plastic.  The Dog Discuit also uses this material which is less prone to being chewed up so man’s best friend can enjoy the fun of the flying disc day and night!

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