Poi Spinning

Poi Spinning Info & History

Poi is an ancient, Polynesian performance art most commonly performed with fire at the end of long chains.    Spinning Poi is a skill which takes time to develop and hone. With a little practice and patience you can develop a large number of tricks which are beautiful to watch when performed.

The art of Poi enhances the left-right brain connection and improves dexterity.  Spinning poi requires both hands to be working in unison yet simultaneously performing different tasks.  Beginners typically start out with simple tricks such as the 2-beat weave and the butterfly.  Then, once you’ve got the hang of it work up to 3-beat weaves, isolations and around the body moves.

Jolly Lama makes a range of poi spinning options for beginners, intermediate and advances spinners.  Sock Poi are best for beginners because they are tangle-free and have an easy-to-grip ball handle design.  Flag Poi are great for the more intermediate to advanced and make a fire-like sound as they fly through the air.  LED Poi and LED Sock Poi are best suited for advanced poi spinners so they can play day and night!

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