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Sock poi make a great starter pair of poi because they are so simple and impossible to tangle.

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Sock poi make a great starter pair of poi because they have a simple design and are impossible to tangle. Also, they feel great in your hands. They are made of a fabric like that of t-shirts which is kind of stretchy and silky yet, very durable and responds comfortably to your every spinning move. The handle is a 1 inch diameter ball you use to place between your fingers when you grip your sock poi. This handle design combined with the stretchy, tangle-free material is part of what makes beginner sock poi easiest for everyone to learn on.

A tennis ball is accessible through a reinforced side-access sleeve.  The tennis ball can be exchanged out for a different ball should you prefer.  As such, the tennis ball provides good weight and is soft enough to not hurt upon impact.

Once you have mastered sock poi, then you will find it easier to move onward to Flag Poi, LED Sock Poi even Fire Poi.  However, many who become really good at spinning poi will still keep a reliable pair of sock poi around because you can use them anywhere without needing a lot of open space because you can easily wrap them up in your hands to shorten their length.  They are also very easy to store and pack away so they are a must-bring for festivals, camping, concerts and the beach.

Each sock is about 20 inches from tip to tip. They are very light and as a pair weigh less than 4 ounces.  The tennis ball is standard size. There is also a Jolly Lama! Instructional DVD including numerous beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert poi tricks.  You can catch a glimpse of some Poi Tricks right here on our site.  You are sure to enjoy your sock poi and never forget to “Always Spin Jolly!!!”

Sock Poi Specs:

  • Approximately 20 inches from tip to tip
  • Great for beginners
  • Tangle-free design
  • Made of a stretchy, silky and strong material
  • Ball-handle design for an easy, comfortable grip
  • Made in the USA


Sock Poi Tricks

Sock Poi from Jolly Lama

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