76mm Contact Juggling Spheres


76mm diameter (3.0″) contact juggling spheres.

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Contact juggling spheres give you the opportunity to engage in Sphereplay. The artful skill of Sphereplay takes practice, patience and perseverance. Also known as Contact Juggling, Sphereplay is a wonderful way to increase one’s body and hand-eye-coordination as well as develop a very good sense of balance and awareness. Sphereplay looks magical when performed by a professional. These contact juggling spheres will come packaged very well protected and have no scoffs or blemishes. Made from 100% acrylic and polished to symmetrical perfection, these are the preferred contact spheres of beginner and expert contact jugglers alike.

Contact juggling spheres of this size (3.0″ in diameter and weighs about 10 ounces (286g)) are the most highly sough-after for Sphereplay.  Enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. There is no doubt that beginners will find the skill of contact juggling difficult to master, and that is the whole point!  It is a challenge and the fun is overcoming the challenges, building hand-eye-coordination, dexterity and balance while improving focus and patience.

There is a fleece-lined carry pouch with a draw-string available and sold separately which helps to keep your sphere protected when not in use.  Also, be sure to check out our video explaining all the spheres we carry and the differences between them.

Contact Juggling Spheres from Jolly Lama

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