A flying disc you can play with in the dark that is really bright.

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A flying disc you can play with in the dark and is actually bright. Not only does a Flashflight disc fly just as far as a regular flying disc, this one includes an LED console directly connected to fiber-optics to spread the light and lasts up to 25-30 luminous hours on just two watch batteries (included and easily replaceable). You’ll have a blast with this one-of-a-kind, lighted, flying disc.

The most energy efficient color is Red which lasts the longest on the batteries included.  This is because red LED lights do not require as high of voltage to light up.  Visually, the Green Flashflight is the brightest and lasts almost as long as the Red Flashflight.  The Blue Flashflight looks the best as it flies through the air, but the batteries don’t last as long as the Green or Red LED lights. Finally, the Disc-O Flashflight can reliably give you about 8-10 hours of light on the batteries provided and is certainly the most exciting since it phases through all the colors in the rainbow while gliding through the night sky.

Flashflight discs are the same size as a standard regulation Ultimate Disc with the exception of the centrally located LED console on the underside of the disc and the fiber optic cable channels that extend light from the center to the edges of the disc.  There are textured ridges to help you grip your disc when throwing and catching.  Flashflights also have a cool decal design on the top now so it is appealing day and night.

Flashflight Specs:

  • 10.6″ diameter
  • 185g
  • ON/OFF push button activation
  • Comes with 2 CR2016 batteries
  • Water resistant
  • Available in Red, Green, Blue or Disc-O LED colors

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Disc-O, Blue, Green, Red


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