Rubber Stix


Extra grippy juggling sticks with a full, textured rubber grip along the center and handle sticks.



Rubber Stix are the original Jolly Lama Juggle Stix and are made with a full, textured, rubber grip along the center stick and handle sticks.  The core of both the center and handle sticks is birch hardwood and the tassels are made of Marine Grade Vinyl.  This set weighs about 12 oz; a little less than Majestix and Jolly Stix which both weigh about 1 lb, yet more than the Jolly Jrs which are 9 oz.  This is partially because the length of the center stick is 27″ which is also right in between the Majestix and Jolly Stix which are 28″ and the Jolly Jrs are 26″ in length.  Thus, this set seeks to be a happy medium and some just simply like them for the textured style grip.

Rubber Stix are an authentic set of juggling sticks with its own, original design and feel of play.  Personally, I like the fact that they have a 100% wood core because fiberglass leaves a slight vibration upon some impacts while wood absorbs impacts better.  A wood core means this set is not indestructible although it is easily able to withstand its own force when used appropriately as juggling sticks.

So, if you are looking for that beginner set of juggling sticks without the smooth, transparent tubing or are looking for a slightly smaller set of sticks that aren’t so small it feels like pushing toothpicks around, this is the right set for you.

  • Length of center stick: 27″
  • Length of handle sticks: 18″
  • Diameter of all sticks: 5/8″ (+/- 1/16″)
  • Weight of entire set: 12 oz.
  • Full, textured, rubber grip covers all three sticks
  • Marine Grade Vinyl tassels
  • Made in Michigan, USA

Rubber Stix juggling sticks from Jolly Lama

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