Zensticks are carbon fiber juggling sticks made of the highest quality materials and the most advanced design for ultimate playability.

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Zensticks are the pinnacle of juggling sticks.  With a custom-manufactured carbon fiber core in both the grip sticks and flip stick this set is as light and as strong as possible.  Because of the lightweight core we are able to add more weight to the tassels that are made of the highest quality marine grade vinyl.  Of course, we still use our very popular and long lasting rubber grip on all three sticks and have a subtle yet useful center mark.

Zensticks are modeled off of and about 2 oz lighter than Majestix.  Both sets have the same handle stick length and diameter. The flip stick length of Zensticks ends up being a little bit longer (28.5” vs 28”) because of the angled tips of the tassels.

The results are incredible. The playability of Zensticks will make you never want to put them down.  As soon as you hold them in your hands you are going to feel they are made of some “space-age” stuff!  They have an incredibly smooth feel and no vibration.  You can manipulate their speed and direction with ease being able to pull off stalls and then take them right into fast spins.  Their roll is perfect: Not too fast yet still able to roll with good momentum and no wobble.

The coloration applied to Zensticks provides aesthetic appeal as well as useful form.  Where the flip stick and grip sticks are black the carbon fiber core is showcased in its raw state.  The flip stick’s sweet spot areas are where the transition fades from carbon to color.

Each set of Zensticks comes with an Adjustable Carry Strap and zero-waste packaging.

Zensticks come with a ten-year tip-to-tip and tassel-to-tassel manufacturer’s warranty that is non-transferable.

Sold exclusively through Jolly Lama.


  • Length of center flip stick: 28.5” (72 cm)
  • Diameter of flip stick: 0.5” (1.27 cm)
  • Distance between tassels: 20” (51 cm)
  • Length of handle sticks: 18.5” (47 cm)
  • Diameter of handle sticks: 0.625” (1.59 cm)
  • Weight of entire set: 12 ounces (340g)

Zensticks on Little Presque

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