Adjustable Carry Strap


An adjustable carry strap for your juggling sticks!

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This adjustable carry strap is the best, low-cost solution for carrying and storing your juggling sticks. It easily wraps around all three sticks and holds your juggling sticks securely together so you can throw them over your shoulder while riding your bike around town or walking to class.

The hook-and-loop straps are connected by an adjustable para-chord sling allowing you to carry one set of full-sized juggling sticks or two pairs of Jolly Jrs.  The straps are made of nylon webbing which is very durable and long-lasting making this adjustable carry strap great for storing and transporting your sticks.

The para-cord sling has reinforced tips to help make adjusting the length a cinch! So, this carry strap is a good fit for anyone — adults and kids alike!


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