A robust and economical set of juggling sticks best for ages 8-13 and able to be enjoyed by adults and younger ones alike.

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A durable and long-lasting set of juggling sticks made for the every day juggling devil sticks user.  Lamastix are made from non-breakable fiberglass in all three sticks and the full, rubber grip covering the center stick and handle sticks allows beginners to get started with ease.

What sets Lamastix apart from their Majestix counterpart is two-fold: The tri-colored tassels provide a “ledge” which some have expressed interest in having for certain tricks and the fiberglass handle sticks are thinner in diameter making them only 1/2″ as opposed to 5/8″.  Lamastix center stick is a bit shorter than Majestix (28″) while being a bit longer than Jolly Jrs (26″) coming in at 27 inches in length.  The weight of the entire set is about the same as Majestix and the handle sticks are also the same length making this a good set of sticks for transitioning up from Jolly Jrs.  However, what makes this set ever-so-slightly heavier than Majestix is the fiberglass handle sticks as the center sticks are almost the exact same weight.

Lamastix have symmetrical tassels which are made of Ottertex vegan-friendly vinyl for durability, great visual appeal and easy cleaning.  Symmetrical tassels are an integral part of being able to perform all tricks possible as opposed to floppy, suede or leather tassels which only help beginners get started yet hold you back from being able to perform tricks that roll.

This set is great for ages 8-13 years old regardless of experience and comes with a color-coordinated carry strap.

Lamastix specifications:

  • Length of center stick: 27 inches
  • Length of handle sticks: 18.25 inches
  • Distance between tassels: 19 inches
  • Diameter of center and handle sticks: 1/2 inch
  • Weight of entire set: 14.5 oz (410 g)

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Blue, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Glow


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