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Jolly Stix are a fast, performance set better suited for the more intermediate to advanced.

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Jolly Stix are a good set for ages 10 years old and up.  This is a fast, performance set better suited for the more intermediate to advanced. The tassels are marine grade vinyl around a custom, rubber weight to make the flip stick perfectly balanced and symmetrical.  A full, rubber grip covers an unbreakable, fiberglass core in the flip stick and hardwood birch dowels in the grip sticks.

Rolling tricks can be performed with Jolly Stix such as the one and two stick roll, the vertical spin trick called “The Rose” and you can even combine rolling tricks with others like the helicopter to really impress your audience.  This design is what makes Jolly Stix able to perform all tricks possible. With the perfectly balanced, symmetrical, tassels and full, rubber grip the vertical axis roll opens up an entire dimension of tricks. This is a great set for those looking to learn some new tricks or enhance their repertoire.

Be sure to also check out the Jolly Lama Instructional DVD which include beginner through expert tricks performed with Jolly Stix. This DVD includes slow-motion, bird’s eye views, verbal narration and explanations of tricks as it progresses from one trick to the next.  It will be greatly beneficial for learning all the tricks possible with Jolly Stix because You Tube videos will not suffice as few people use sets able to perform all tricks possible and can perform all the tricks covered in the DVD.  You will also be able to learn Diabolo and Poi tricks as well!

Jolly Stix Specs:

  • Length of Flip Stick: 28″
  • Length of Center Shaft: 20″
  • Diameter of Flip Stick: 1/2″
  • Length of Grip Sticks: 18.5″
  • Diameter of Grip Sticks: 5/8″
  • Appx Weight of Total Set: 13.5 oz. (380g)
  • Perfectly symmetrical weights
  • Fast playing and able to perform all tricks possible
  • Made in the USA 100% USA-sourced materials
  • Manufactured in beautiful, northern Michigan

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