Expert Devil Sticks


Devil sticks are for those who want a challenge and relish in the fun of learning through good old trial-and-error with persistence and patience.

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The traditional, hand-tapered devil sticks that take on a conical, hourglass shape. If you make a mistake or miss your mark these sticks will hit the ground. Practicing with Devil Sticks will make your hand-eye-coordination skyrocket. When you return to your flower sticks they will be easier to control and perform new tricks. In fact, they will feel like you are playing in slow-motion compared to the play offered by this set. This design, which has no tassels, allows the center stick to roll very quickly and the conical design gradually displaces more weight toward the ends resulting in very fast play. You don’t have to be an expert to play with this set, but by the time you have the hang of it you’ll be an expert!

Devil Sticks are an ancient skill toy believed to have originated in the Inca Empire (modern day Peru) thousands of years ago. Originally, they were used in tribal rituals to ward off evil spirits which helps explain the name “Devil Sticks”.  Jolly Lama’s Devil Sticks’ center stick is covered and decorated in 3 different colors of athletic tape (a.k.a. hockey tape) which interacts nicely with the rubberized grip sticks. Although materials and modern updates have been adopted to improve sets like this for quality and play-ability, the wood core and design has remained the same.   Devil Sticks are hand-tapered and balanced to symmetrical perfection for ultimate performance. This set is for those who want a challenge and relish in the fun of learning through good old trial-and-error with persistence and patience.

Every set of Devil Sticks comes with zero-waste packaging and a color-coordinated carry strap.

Devil Sticks Specs:

  • Center Flip Stick Length: 24″
  • Flip Stick Outer Diameter: 1.25″
  • Flip Stick Center Diameter: 0.75″
  • Grip Sticks Length: 18.5″
  • Grip Sticks Diameter: 0.625″
  • Weight of entire set: 15 oz
  • Hand-tapered conical shape
  • Wood core center stick
  • Rubberized handle sticks
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